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Kennington Village Mural Rainbow Lorikeet complete

Kennington Village Mural Rainbow Lorikeet complete

A note by second place winner Davidson Lopes also known as Bula Temporaria (Temporary Medicine).

''I am an artist based in Tongala, born in Brazil and I have been creating art for about 12 years and about 10 years as a street artist.

My style of painting has emerged in a free and original way and goes from abstract, fantastastic worlds, primal art to realism and portraits.
I became a street artist in 2010 in a free and unconscious way because I felt an inner calling, at the same time I was suffering from anxiety attacks as a result of stressful big city life and I did not want to take antidepressants so I sought healing through art.

Since then I continue to let the art bring freedom, love and experimentation to my life.
I have done a lot of artwork in schools and Brazilian streets and beside the paintings I also experimented with vídeo and music projects and I'm looking forward to doing much more in 2019."

Please visit my social media for a more comprehensive collection of my work.
Davidson Lopes
Ph: 0418301061
Instagram & Facebook: @bulatemporaria

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